Tutorials #

1. Notes on Network Science #

My notes while auditing Professor Yong-Yeol Ahn ’s online course of INFO I606 Network Science

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2. C101 With Hongtao #

Class website for my students enrolled in MSCH‑C100 Introduction to media at IU, 2020 Spring.

“Hongtao was an excellent discussion leader and AI. He made the class enjoyable and helped me understand the assignments and was very clear in doing so. His website for our discussion was very helpful and amazing.”

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3. Blog Posts of “How to” Series #

4. D3Book Companion #

A simple tutorial website to help beginners like me learn D3.js. It is a side product of my 40 Days of Learning D3 Challenge .

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Website #

5. International Journalism Class at RUC #

Class website for International Journalism taught at Renmin University of China by Michael J. Jordan

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Data Visualizations #

6. Visualizing 120 Years of Summer Olympic Games #

A team project together with Chris Fang for Professor Yong-Yeol Ahn ’s INFO I590 Data Visualization in 2019 Fall

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7. Coronavirus Trend Visualizations #

Worked as a research assistant for Professor Yong-Yeol Ahn on his Coronavirus Trend Visualizations project

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Disclaimer: this is ongoing work since it’s part of my job as a research assistant.