Understanding Levels of Automated Driving

Hongtao Hao / 2023-03-02

Notes taken on Professor Xiaopeng Li ’s class of CIV ENGR 679 Connected and Automated Transport, 2023Spring

  • level 1: driver assistance. Only one assistance technology, mainly longitudinal. That is say, the car can control the gas pedal and the break pedal.

  • level 2: partial automation. Both longitudinal and lateral. That is to say, the car can control its steering wheel as well.

  • level 3: conditional automation. doing the same thing as level 2 but a little bit more reliable. A convention is that at level 3, it’s okay to take your hands off (but you cannot sleep!)

  • level 4: you can fall asleep here. It’s under some conditions, for example, only on freeways

  • level 5: Under all conditions, the car can operate itself.

ODD: operational design domain


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