Qualification Requirement About the Advisor and the Committee at UW Madison Computer Sciences

Hongtao Hao / 2023-03-02

Three are three requirements for passing the qual at UW CS:

  1. The committee should comprise of at least three faculty members.

  2. At least two of committee members should be core CS faculty members (not affiliates).

  • You can have one faculty member who is not a CS core faculty member (S/he does not even has to be a CS affiliate).
  • The advisor can be anyone of the three, which means your advisor does not have to be a CS core or affiliate faculty member.
  1. You have to declare at least two committee members (which include your advisor) before you start your qualification exam or project.

Other things I learned about:

  • The qualification should, ideally, be completed at the end of your 6th semester.
  • The qualification is comprised of two parts: 1) passing the qual exam/projecct; 2) meeting the breadth requirement
  • The qual committee do not have to be the same as the committee for your prelim.

Last modified on 2023-03-17