How to Prepare State Tax Return as An International (Graduate) Student at University of Wisconsin Madison

Hongtao Hao / 2022-04-15

If you are a Chinese student, also refer to this tutorial . This blog is heavily influenced by it.

First off, you should have already completed your federal tax return on Glacier Tax Prep . If not, do your federal tax return first!

Go to Wisconsin e-file and choose the form you need. Unless you are a US citizen or have a green card, you most likely should file Form 1NPR. You need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill in Form 1NPR. Also, search on Google “Wisconsin 1NPR instructions”. Those instructions will be very helpful.

On the first page of Form 1NPR, in the section of “Schedule AR”, select the forms you have. You probably should have W-2. Also, if you have tax return last year, you probably should have 1099-G as well. If you are a fully-funded student and paid segregated fees, you also should select “Schedule M” which allows you to enter the amount you paid for segregated fees. You also need Form 1098-T, which is available at “” -> student center -> administrative homepage -> student center -> financial account -> view 1098-T.

Note that if you received state refund last year from Wisconsin but lost your 1099-G form, you can go here , click on “view from 1099-G” and input your information. For “year”, you should choose the year you received the refund.

On the 2nd page, you need to fill in W-2 info as is shown in your original W-2. If the “BOX 3: Social security wages” is empty in your original W-2, and if this part is compulsory in From 1NPR, simply input “0”.

Also, if you have a Form 1099-G, you need to enter your updated address here in Form 1NPR, rather than the old address on your original Form 1099-G.

When filling “Resident status”, you mostly likely will choose “Nonresident of Wisconsin” if you are not a US citizen (or a green card holder). Enter “99” if you are an international student, which means territories outside of the US.

From now on, refer to the Form 1NPR Instructions to fill in the remaining part.

In Line 15, “Other income …”, in the “Wisconsin column”, you want to click “go” and go to Schedule M. Search for “Tuition and fee expenses”, click “Worksheet”, and input the amount shown in your Form 1098-T.

Go back to 1NPR. In Line 36 Exemptions, if you are single, in 36a, input “1”.

After everything is done, when submitting, if you are asked to attach your federal tax return, you can do that on Adobe Acrobat Reader this way: view -> show/hide -> navigation pages -> attachments.

Last modified on 2023-03-27