Julia: Change the Maximum Number of Colomns and Rows of A Data Frame Shown in Jupyter Notebooks

Hongtao Hao / 2021-10-21

This post is based on https://github.com/bkamins/Julia-DataFrames-Tutorial

First, enter this in your command line if you are using a Mac:

open -a Finder ~/Library/Jupyter/kernels

You’ll see kernels -> julia-XX. For example, kernels -> julia-1.6. Open the julia-1.6, you’ll see kernel.json. Open it. As Bogumił recommended, add "COLUMNS": "1000", "LINES": "100" to the env variable.

Then, restart your Jupyter Notebook.

Even after making the above changes, you can still change it in each individual Jupyter notebook. Just add these two lines to your notebook:

ENV["LINES"] = 20 # change the number as you prefer
ENV["COLUMNS"] = 1000 # change the number as you prefer

I saw this solution in JuliaCon2021 DataFrames.jl Tutorial .

Last modified on 2021-11-17