Time Managemement

Hongtao Hao / 2021-05-18

In YY’s Writing Group of 2021-05-17, we talked about time management. Here are some points mentioned in the group:

Block of time #

To push through hard problems, it’s necessary to reserve a big chunk of time. YY recommends using calendar (any decent calendar is Okay) to reserve “meetings with yourself”. These meetings should be blocks of time and are supposed to be regular. For example, you reserve 9-11 am every day.

Every time people ask you to do something together during these “meetings with yourself”, you can say no.

Prioritization #

Know what’s the most important thing to do. Get them done one by one.

Exercise. Keep healthy. #

Do exercise regularly. Keep fit. You won’t get anything done unless you are healthy and happy.

Single-tasking #

Focus on one thing at a time.

Track your time #

Professor YY recommends Toggl . When you track your time, you can do weekly/monthly/seasonal/yearly review so that you know whether you are spending too much or too little time on something.

Books #

Professor YY recommends Get Things Done by David Allen.

Last modified on 2021-05-20