How to Set up A Custom Subdomain For Netlify

Hongtao Hao / 2020-08-10

To configure a custom subdomain for Netlify (for example, to point to should be very easy, but the instructions on Netlify can be a little confusing, even misleading.

The confusing instruction

The most confusing point is shown above. It asks you to add a custom domain in the format of However, that is for configuring a custom domain, not a custom subdomain. Then, what should you do?

If you have your own domain, and the domain for your Netlify project is If you want to have a custom subdomain of, then you only need to input in the box (in the picture above).

Then, follow the instruction here . What you should do is simply add a CNAME record with abc as the host and as the value.

It should just work.

Last modified on 2021-10-05