Some Mac Terminal Command Basics

Hongtao Hao / 2020-06-14

Changing Folder/File Name #

If you are too lazy to change the folder or file name manually, you can do that in Terminal. What you need to do is first to go to a the direction the folder/file is located in. For example, if you are changing the name of a folder on your Desktop, then you need to cd Destkop first. Then:

mv oldfoldername newfoldername

The same is for when you are changing a file’s name.

Opening A New Termainl Windown #

Simpply press command+N

Opening A File #

open Path/to/file/file.docx

If you want to open the file with a specific application:

open Path/to/file/file.docx -a TextEdit

If the application to open the file with has more than two words:

open Path/to/file/file.docx -a "Sublime Text"

Checking Which Directory You Are Currently In #


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