On the Great Wall in 2017, photo by Jude Wang (王秀全)

On the Great Wall in 2017, photo by Jude Wang (王秀全)

I graduated with a Master’s degree in Media Arts and Sciences from the Media School of Indiana University in 2020, advised by Dr. Nicole Martins . From August 2020 to August 2021, I volunteered as a research assistant for YY . I earned my first Master’s degree in Journalism from Renmin University of China, Beijing. I am now a second-year PhD student in Computer Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I worked with Professor Yea-Seul Kim in the first year. I am now doing research with Michael Gleicher .

这是郝鸿涛的个人主页。2016 年从河北师范大学英语翻译专业毕业后,我到中国人民大学读硕士(国际新闻班),随后在美国印第安纳大学媒体学院读第二个硕士 ,于 2020 年 5 月毕业。毕业后的一年帮安用烈老师 做了一些杂活 。目前在威斯康星计算机学院读博。最骄傲的一件事是在 2015 年第一届"外研社杯”全国英语阅读大赛中获奖 。最难忘的一次经历是 2017 年参加瑞士圣加仑论坛 。智商很一般,高考复读了一年才考到一所双非。自律、喜静、极简。

Inspired by Akari Asai , I am happy to hold weekly virtual office hours to give advice on PhD application, personal website building, programming, or any other things you think I am capable of. You can make an appointment on Calendly .

浅井明里 启发,我决定每周会拿出一个小时来帮助别人,你可以问我关于留学申请、个人主页、学编程、英语学习、转专业或者其他你觉得我能帮到你的问题。你可以通过 Calendly 预约

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